Adam Scott MCIPD
Head of HR – Survitec Group

Andrew is a highly proficient consultant who is able to translate resourcing problems into winning solutions. Andrew has been pivotal in assisting with the transformation of our resourcing and recruitment strategy. His diligence and professional approach is a key asset to any business

Inmaculada Rey Pinillas

Head of Talent Acquisition Europe at DuPont

Andrew is a very knowledgeable professional who added value to the end to end process. His insight into the candidates he interviewed and observed during the different day activities definitely enhanced the quality and the results of the assessment centre. He also demonstrated excellent coaching skills with different business leaders at the highest level of our matrix organization. I would also like to highlight his excellent and adjusted communication style, very effective for all the different audiences he interacted with.

Chris Haighton

Head of Outbound Logistics at Shop Direct

Andy and I worked together on a couple of recruitment projects. He has a highly pragmatic and incredibly efficient approach to talent acquisition combined with a real skill for putting people at their ease whilst also drawing out deep insights about their potential fit for the role. Some of the applicants were internal, from my own team, and I was impressed that Andy’s was able to provide as deep an assessment of capabilities and potential after a 45 minute interview as I had been able to form over several months. Highly recommended.

Cathy Armstrong – HR Change consultant

I have worked with Andy as part of a team delivering a complex, nationwide, restructuring project for a major business and subsequently as an Associate helping to deliver objective assessment solutions. Andy is highly professional, a pleasure to work with and has the interpersonal skills which enable him to create positive working relationships. These include really listening to and taking on board the needs and objectives of the client, then designing and delivering solutions which achieve tangible, often transformational results – at the same time always keeping an eye on the level of client/organisational investment. I look forward to working with Andy again on future projects.