When acquiring an organisation, you acquire their talent, IT architecture, infrastructure and progress to the formulation of a plan to build value.

An estimated 77% of operational expenditure is spent on people and people related tasks. How can venture capitalists and private equity organisations set themselves up for the greatest possible return whilst mitigating ever growing risk?

We can help appraise the organisation that has been acquired, their internal talent, conduct a gap analysis, and look at the robustness and structure of the organisation from a Board, senior leadership team and ownership perspective. A defined people strategy helps to build value when selling or divesting as any clear gaps or weak spots from a people perspective can be addressed.

Equally, we are adept at appraising such organisations from a security audit point of view, highlighting areas of potential concern when acquiring, selling or divesting. We can also help to highlight areas to concentrate on to retain value in the face of heightened cyber or data breaches. These organisations are typically at much greater risk during a deal process or shortly afterwards.

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