We’re talent:ed at utilising the power of assessment to deliver key insight on individuals and  teams. With this data, we allow better decisions to be made and deliver often unknown insight to reduce risk whilst delivering greatly enhanced results.

We can either utilise any current assessment tools or recommend from a selection of the most rigorous and contemporary tools in the market.

We utilise assessment to understand what decisions should be made with regards to hiring, promoting, understanding potential, highlighting training and coaching needs or interpreting gap analysis in teams.

We complement this assessment with an unrivalled level of feedback for all parties which really adds value and engagement around what can be a mystifying topic.

However we use assessment, our goal is always to deliver a superior experience for the subjects being assessed whilst delivering insight to not just them but their hiring manager or employer.

Equally, we can upskill our clients to self-serve with regards to assessment and integrate it as part of their processes.

You may know a lot about your customers, but what do you know about your people? What objective information do you use to make people-based decisions in the end-to-end candidate and employee lifecycle?

At talent:ed we offer everything from insight and data on specific individuals, to feedback and information on whole teams.

Understanding individual performance is integral to building successful teams with a rounded set of skills and behaviours, rather than teams of similar ability which all too often happens without an objective assessment of the constituent members.

Building a team with more objectivity results in much improved overall performance.

We can help you to objectively understand who to hire and why, who to promote, understand how long their journey will be at your organisation and how talented they are. We can also help you to figure out how you can allow them to deliver their full potential whilst they are employed by you.

Subsequently, this means that you repay your investment in them, keep them for longer and allow them to perform at their maximum capability more quickly and for a longer period.

Research has proven that when an organisation has a greater understanding of their employees, results and performance are vastly improved. Your employees will develop longer term careers with you as you’ll be able to provide them with all of the advice, support and guidance necessary in order for them to excel and develop.

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A key part of the assessment work that we undertake is obtaining insight relating to the senior leaders and Executive Boards within organisations.

It is critical that the people that are making key decisions within an organisation at C Suite and senior management level are the right candidates from a skills and cultural perspective, as their actions and strategy cascade through the organisation.

It is also critical to understand as a Senior Leadership Team or Board where there are real behavioural and skill strengths and where there are opportunities to fortify or develop. Understanding any crossover or exposure is often very powerful and can aid further recruitment activity at Board or SMT level.

We work to provide both individual and collective insight and this can be especially powerful when combined with succession planning activity from Senior Managers at the next level below.

Another useful output is conducting such assessment and insight when looking to exit or sell.  This helps to safeguard the value of the business without the Board or SMT in place.

Understanding the here and now is not always enough. Obtaining a clear picture of what you will require as an organisation, or an objective view of what your people are potential of in the future, also provides huge value.

In order to return the maximum value from everyone that you hire, you need to obtain insight into where they could utilise their skills and develop their careers. Extending their stay and keeping them as high performing individuals delivers a great advantage over your competition.

Another key benefit of strategic assessment is to understand what training and development interventions are required for your teams. This can help to set an agenda to link in with your organisational plans and take advantage of the environment in which you operate now and in the future. By doing this, it assists with the futureproofing of your organisation.

Many organisations fail to act proactively and then have to undertake a complete overhaul of their employees as the organisational requirements shift and performance diminishes.

Understanding where you are and having an overall talent strategy, as well as plans to develop your people and realise their potential, is not just a ‘nice to have’.  In these times of fast paced change that we are experiencing, it is critical for success.

We specialise in providing insight to aid better decision making and drive increased performance. You know lots about your customers, but how much do you know about your leaders, employees or potential hires?

Find out how you can obtain better results from your people.

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