As the world becomes a smaller place and technology plays an increasing part in our lives, competition in most sectors is more fierce than ever and companies are trying to stay relevant and remain successful.

Whilst technology plays a huge part, still the largest cost to any organisation is typically their people and people related cost. Also, people still need to architect, manage, deploy and evolve such technology.

As such, at talent:ed we are often involved in transformation and change projects. Such projects could relate to data, information security, reduction of the threat of a cyber attack or digital transformation. Maybe the objective is something more people focussed around changing the skill-set of an organisation to match the future state, or changing the organisation’s model. The one constant in today’s world is change, and it is all too often focussed purely on the technology or cost rather than the people delivering it.

We are talent:ed at assisting or driving such transformations. We can help conduct audits or assessments at the early stage of programmes and help substantiate or re-substantiate business cases, as typically a lot can change during the sign-off journey. We can play a role in staffing or resourcing your programme or project or we can take full responsibility for the management, resource profile and delivery assurance. We are fluid, flexible and responsive to your needs.

Via our Associate partners and our talent:ed Network, we can mobilise quickly to start driving value and reduce the wastes that typical methodologies result in. Why not see how we can help you drive change and transformation with long-lasting and exceptional results in your organisation?

Let us help you understand what is at stake. Often projects and programmes are seen as a cost centre and are something of a grudge purchase by some stakeholders unaware of the overall value of change.

We can help you define the status quo, your starting point, your desired future state, as well as the cost of making the change whilst articulating the return on investment available.

At talent:ed we are confident that we can demonstrate that your change project is cost neutral or cost positive. Often it could deliver a substantial saving versus what is accepted right now.

Equally, we can help position and value the people contribution of your project and not just the technology or IT led milestones.

Projects are often signed off based on financial business cases, and have often been waiting so long for approval that the aims, goals and landscape have somewhat changed since submission.

We specialise in helping you construct the boundaries and look at how to make the maximum impact in the early stages of projects. All too often, programmes take too long to scale up, particularly from a people resource perspective.

Whether you need advice and assistance pre-submission, post sign off or to re-appraise at project start up, we can help.

One of the most in-demand services that we offer at talent:ed is landing entire project teams into organisations to deliver a piece of transformational or change work for a programme.

We have a huge network of subject matter experts that can be rapidly deployed to match your needs and requirements.

The benefit of resourcing up for particular projects is that they will get off to the start that’s required to have long term, maximum impact on your organisation. All too often, it takes far too long to find and onboard the people resource that is necessary to add value to a project to the standard that has been outlined and agreed in the business case. Resources typically will be drip fed over the course of a certain period of time slowing the project delivery and decreasing value add.

This, in our opinion, is an outdated and wasteful approach and is typically traditionally procured, financed and resourced using tried and tested (yet inefficient) methods.

We work within the same headcount and budgetary constraints, but deliver enhanced and more rapid results through landing teams of people into the organisation at the start and then flexing resource as the project or programme develops.

One way we can really add value is by using our dedicated Programme Management resource. Doing this ensures that all team members are working in unison to deliver results, and that there is no dilution with Contractors being deployed by differing vendors. Managing a team as individuals or small groups rather than a collective is highly inefficient, not to mention a dilution of the overall team.

Our focus is to deliver the quickest deployment of highly skilled individuals, but managed collectively in order to achieve maximum project success within budget and timescales as expected by your organisation.

In order to embed and cement any transformation or change project, there is often a training component of delivery to truly help drive optimum results and unlock the lifetime value of the project.

Often this training is delivered to multiple stakeholders to realise the full operational and fiscal value of the work that we partner on.

The training that we undertake with you at talent:ed helps to demystify transformative projects, quells the noise of the grapevine, aids education, increases communication and has a positive effect on morale and retention. Importantly, the culture or processes are cemented and the change takes root rather than diluting after the programme concludes.

When training is not part of the overall scheme of work undertaken, it is all too easy for people working within the organisation to revert back to ‘old’ or ‘tried and tested’ methods and erode the value of the change that has been delivered to that point.

As organisations evolve and rely on more technology, often the people agenda hasn’t caught up. As you transform your organisation do your people practices keep pace?

Find out how you can incorporate more disruptive and progressive solutions to achieve maximum value when driving change.

If you would like to see how you can get a better return from the investment that you make in your people  – we want to talk to you!