If you are looking to hire permanent employees, contractors or entire project delivery teams then we can certainly help.

We have vast experience in recruiting and headhunting scarce and hard-to-find Permanent and Contract resource in the UK, Europe and the Rest of the World. We specialise in the provision of innovative solutions to deploy project delivery and SWAT teams using disruptive methodologies. This approach rewards you with rapid results and quicker ROI on your transformation spend.

We use a number of different sourcing technologies to find world class people, first time, every time. We’re experienced in offering tailored, bespoke, great value people services that drive quick results and achieve maximum long-term impact.

At talent:ed we work on national and international Executive Search assignments with global clients.

We utilise a number of different resourcing methodologies and processes when making complex senior leadership hires.

Using the latest technology to our advantage allows us to find world class talent, first time, every time.

We utilise strong, key relationships that we have nurtured around the globe over time to assist us in sourcing niche skill-sets in challenging geographies.

We develop and maintain great relationships with all of our senior candidates upon advising, assessing and analysing their experience and fit.

We’re trusted by our candidates to make the right decisions on behalf of their career, and by our clients to ensure that we deliver the right person, first time, every time.

To ensure optimum efficiency and competitiveness, we engineer the end-to-end recruitment process to provide the most streamlined and cost-effective candidate experience whilst not compromising on rigour and decision-making.

We can critique it and analyse the current recruitment process, candidate experience and look at opportunities to eliminate waste and deliver a better outcome for the client, candidate and hiring managers.

We blend technology from leading suppliers, at the forefront of their sectors, to ensure a seamless journey and onboarding process for new employees, setting them up for success from day one.

The true value is in ensuring that the process is a life cycle, one that offers truly top talent a great deal of warmth and engagement along the way, allowing them to add value in the early stage of their employment.

The work that we do for our global clients, effectively re-engineering their recruitment process, inevitably saves the business time and money and ensures that the right hiring decisions are made. The risk of costly wrong hires are also diminished to the lowest possible level.

At talent:ed, we’re constantly looking at ways that we can deliver long-lasting positive impacts on the organisations that we partner with.

A key differentiator for us is our ability to deliver large-scale transformation and people strategy projects in a manner that drives quicker results and increased benefit.

We often deploy large groups of talent:ed teams and subject matter experts into organisations at the start of a project to give it the boost that it needs to generate maximum output as soon as the project gets signed off.

These individuals provide a foundation for success allowing the programme to deliver the greatest operational and fiscal returns during the project life cycle for our clients.

We try and challenge usual headcount and financial models and flex resource profiles in order to generate maximum early stage and continuous return.

We can, and often do, provide Programme and Project Management capability to ensure that the team is optimally managed to deliver results and the transformational change that is required.

Shorter term, highly focussed delivery engagements mean that the team is fluid and we allow our Consultants to roll off the project once they have delivered their very important part, handing the impetus on to the rest of the team or internal colleagues.

When a project is nearing the end of it’s life cycle, we ensure that the change is cemented through thorough knowledge transfer and often appropriate training as the programme or project moves into a Business As Usual state. We encourage some maintenance and analysis to aid continuous improvement and the realisation of the true value of the programme.

We are experts at helping organisations obtain better ROI from their people and resourcing spend. If you’re spending 70%+ of your costs on your people, are you getting the best possible return?

If you would like to see how you can get a better return from the investment that you make in your people  – we want to talk to you!