At talent:ed, we understand the value of developing and growing the relationship with your employees. We help you to retain them for longer, performing at a higher level. High performance organisations understand the importance of having effective people strategy in place with regular review and evolution.

An effective people strategy involves organisations understanding and utilising their employees in the most efficient way possible so that they can deliver against their targets, goals and objectives.

As organisations are faced with different requirements and challenges, does their people strategy change, evolve and develop at the same time?

As organisations mature, we often find that there are subcultures that exist, and the overall people strategy becomes not only more complex but can be diluted.

At talent:ed, we work incredibly hard to fully understand our clients and their people. We link people strategy to organisational and commercial strategy. This ensures that we can impact the whole organisation rather than creating further dilution.

As organisations face ever more pressing challenges, not least due to a tumultuous economic climate and pressures on working patterns, there is a need to be conscious about the current and future state of the organisation.

At talent:ed, we help our clients to deal more effectively with restructures and organisational change.

We design tailor-made, bespoke processes, criteria for success and specific communication.

We support our clients as much or as little as they require in order to ensure that they minimise the risk of wrong decisions and adverse PR. We help our clients to get the right people in the right roles in order for them to succeed and generate the most operational and financial value for their organisation.

It’s important that our clients stay agile and adapt to business challenges through restructures to achieve their objectives.

It is critical that any organisational design projects are clearly communicated to all stakeholders to prevent confusion, adverse PR, loss of morale and any reduction in performance.

By taking a bespoke approach to these projects, we can ensure that even the trickiest of situations are navigated successfully and are seen positively.

Whether you manage your Employer Brand or not, you have one, so why not take control of it?

At talent:ed, we help to define and articulate an authentic employer brand that will play the first part in attracting the right employees for your organisation. Successful organisations need employees who share your mission, vision, values and behaviours and are not just a skill based fit but mirror and engage with your culture.

Your employer brand is how you’re positioned to and perceived by the outside world. It’s everything that your business stands for and it has to resonate throughout the whole structure internally and externally.

A strong and authentic Employer Brand will position you as a magnet for top talent, whilst not managing it can lead to talent shortages no matter how compelling your product or service brand is.

Not only does a strong Employer Brand help to attract talent, it also aids retention of your current talent and engages them sufficiently to perform for longer and act as brand ambassadors.

Get your Employer Brand under control and you’ll see your cost per hire decrease significantly. You’ll also see a substantial uplift in the number of highly qualified and more relevant candidates that apply to work for your organisation, so your Talent Acquisition team is not spending hours CV sifting.

If you feel as though your Employer Brand needs to be created, maintained or adapted in any way, then we at talent:ed can assist you with any requirements that you may have.

Having established that typically there is a lot of waste in most HR led processes in any organisation, an area where constant review is necessary is within the end-to-end recruitment process and onboarding experience.

We can critique and analyse your current recruitment process and candidate experience looking at opportunities to eliminate waste and deliver a better outcome for your organisation, the candidates and your hiring managers, whilst delivering a better financial and operational return.

There are 4 main parts to a recruitment process audit. They follow a logical order just as your hiring process does.

We look at where there are gaps, time lengthy exercises and wastage to ensure that your recruitment process is as effective as it can be.

The candidate experience and communications throughout a process will often directly affect success and the outcomes for all stakeholders.

The recruitment process needs to feel engaging, friction-free and easy to navigate.

Reviewing the big data behind each step of your recruitment process is a great way to see where the obstructions and opportunities are.

In order to embed and cement any change project, there is often a training component of delivery to truly help drive optimum results and unlock the lifetime value of the project.

Often this training is delivered in focussed cohorts to HR/Talent teams and Line Managers to realise the full operational and fiscal value of the work that we partner on.

We can upskill your team members and deliver engaging workshops and collaborative group sessions that will enable everyone to be maintaining the highest level of accuracy, efficiency and consistency whilst undertaking their operational responsibilities.

We also partner with some ‘best in class’ training providers and coaching organisations that promote particular culture changes and ways of working.

The training that we undertake with you at talent:ed helps to demystify transformative projects, quells the noise of the grapevine, aids education, increases communication and has a positive effect on morale and retention.

When training is not part of the overall scheme of work undertaken, it is all too easy for people working within the organisation to revert back to ‘old’ or ‘tried and tested’ methods and erode the value of the change that has been delivered to that point.

We help you align your people agenda and plans to your organisational outcomes, helping to drive value, profit and performance. You have a long term commercial strategy and financial plan. What part do your people play?

Find out how you can utilise your employees in the most effective way possible.

If you would like to see how you can get a better return from the investment that you make in your people  – we want to talk to you!