Legal firms can often be a little more traditional than some other types of organisation in terms of their structure, hierarchy and methodologies.

This can result in wasted expenditure, a slight lack of innovation and diminished potential returns. However, the flip side of this means that there is a compelling advantage when embracing more innovative talent, resourcing and assessment methods to unlock some of those returns.

With the legal market being transient with lots of global competition for the best talent, the organisations with the most innovative people People Strategy and Employer Brand can act as a magnet for the highest performing individuals. This results in organisational growth and increased return.

Equally, from a transformation and programme or project point of view, we at talent:ed are all too aware that legal firms are often a real target for cyber criminals due to their high level of sensitive information and their corporate and individual client portfolio. Furthermore, with lots of mergers and acquisitional activity in this market, there is often a need to fortify and remain vigilant to the threat of attacks.

At talent:ed, we have experience in helping complex legal firms to increase their level of operational compliance and resilience, developing more mature defences against such threats using some of the talent:ed individuals in our community.

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