At talent:ed, we can help you with your talent or resourcing demands. We can rapidly deploy individuals or teams to satisfy your needs. We can work on a single vacancy, a project deployment or the delivery of multiple contract professionals to drive change and transformation within your organisation.

When hiring project resource, our process makes it easy to hire or deploy people quickly, allowing your programme to deliver or exceed the business case, and to not be under pressure from an early stage.

When hiring permanent resource, we make it simple for your organisation to acquire higher performing people who are a better skill-set and personality match for your enterprise. They can quickly deliver results and pay back the investment that you have made, resulting in them being retained by you for longer.

Furthermore, we can add-in delivery or programme management capability to enhance your operational assurance or we can specify work on a more detailed fixed price arrangement as a Work Order, Statement of Work or similar.

In the contract and project environment, we can shield your organisation from IR35 and tax implications, minimise compliance and bureaucracy whilst delighting your contractors with an unrivalled service and rapid payment solution ensuring that they can just focus on the task in hand.

Our focus is to deliver solutions to you that add much more value than simply providing you with bodies or merely filling vacancies. Our mission is to deliver the greatest return from your spend on the very best people available.

When working with talent:ed, you’ll benefit from the following outcomes…

Better skills & profile match

Rapid resource & onboarding

Consistent high performance

Retained and increased value

Delivery assurance

Our assessment services can be utilised to help you understand who you need to hire, what skill gaps you may have or what quantity of resource that you require.  We can provide unrivalled insight and analysis to help you select the right people and define your strategy and execution.

We use strict assessment and testing tools to verify best in class people, as well as providing data on their rating and feedback from previous assignments.

To know where to start, you may need to define what good looks like for you. This investment can help drive your current and future demand and will result in much-improved, rapid selection decisions. Furthermore, your people will drive value throughout the lifetime of a project and in a more permanent role, be retained for longer by you.

When resourcing projects, obtaining a better understanding of your requirements and hiring more suitable and highly skilled people will result in your organisation delivering projects on time and to budget with increased business case delivery and project success rate.